Muscovado Milk Tea Making (fusion style)


Hot and humid Korean summer makes me drink lots of ice drinks!

Especially the muscovado milk tea or bubble tea of Tiger Sugar is a big hit!

I’m a copycat and love experiments! After many trial and error, my own recipe was created!

I just left tapioca pearls out, because of their high calories. Keep in mind that many tapioca recipes, like tapioca pudding and bubble tea, are loaded with additional calories and fat from added sugars and milk or cream.


*Ingredients (for 2 servings)

muscovado 50g, sweet rice powder(or corn starch) 1teaspoon. Black tea 2~4 bags, milk 500ml ,  ice cubes 400g


  1. Mix well 50g muscovado and 50g water.
  2. Mix well 1t sweet rice powder and 50g water.
  3. Bring water and muscovado to a boil over low heat.
  4. When muscovado is melted well over low heat, put in the sweet rice powder mixture. Let boil over low heat. Then, bring down to simmer. After 2~3 minutes, remove the heat. cool the syrup down.
  5. Steep 1~2 bags of tea in boiling water(50g). Let sit for about 15mins. Remove the tea bags and cool completely.
  6. Put in black tea in a glass. Add in ice cubes. Put in 3~4 Table spoons of muscovado syrup. Let the syrup run down the glass. Then, add milk quickly.



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