Microwave Steamed Eggs

Steamed egg

Steamed egg.Still005.jpg

Korean style Steamed eggs is a wonderful side dish, and everybody loves it. It’s easy to cook, and easy to eat!

Especially when you’re tired of eating spicy and salty foods, this will comfort your stomach and your soul. This is easier to make than fried eggs or scrambled eggs. All you need is just eggs, water, salt and Microwave.

Why don’t you add this to your brunch menu?

3 Large eggs (200g), water 200ml, salt (1/4t)

1.In a soup bowl or a heatproof bowl, crack three eggs
2.Add a pinch of salt(1/4t) and beat the eggs with a whisk or fork
3.Add in water(same amount with the eggs) and mix them well
4. Cover the bowl with a heatproof plate.
5. Place the bowl in Microwave, and heat it for 5~6minutes at a medium power level.
(My microwave is 700watts. If you have 1000watts microwave, choose power level 5)
6.Take it out of Microwave, and open the lid(plate). If it’s not cooked completely, heat it in Microwave one more minute.
7.Serve while it’s hot!

Watch the video here!


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