Simple and Easy Kimchi with 5 Ingredients




Kimchi making is actually easy if you can distinguish the key ingredients and the optional ingredients. The key ingredients are napa-cabbage, salt, fish sauce, red pepper powder, and garlic. Others are all optional! Even sweet rice porridge isn’t necessary for short-time-eating kimchi.

Ingredients: napa-cabbage (4~5lb/2kg), salt(1cup), fish sauce(4T), red pepper powder(1cup), minced garlic(4T),

Fish sauce is already fermented, so the good bacteria inside the fish sauce helps Kimchi fermentation.

Salt prepares napa-cabbage for fermentation by osmosis. Red pepper powder and garlic create the authentic taste of Kimchi.

Rice porridge is also helping fermentation, but not necessary for a small amount of Kimchi. If you make a big amount of kimchi to store for over 2 or 3 months, the starch of porridge will provide more foods for the “lactic acid bacteria”.

Additional ingredients are one onion, green onion (5oz/ 150g), and sugar(3T).

These are totally optional. You can also add sliced radish, fresh apple puree or pear puree.

You can watch the video here


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