Cooking Korean Rice without a Rice cooker!


As you know, Korean foods always come with cooked rice. Most Koreans use rice cooker to cook rice, because cooking rice with a common pot is a little bit tricky.

However, don’t give up, just because you don’t have a rice cooker.

If you follow my recipe, you can cook rice very easily!  Then, you can make any kind of Korean food such as fried rice, kimbob, bibimbob, rice porridge and so on.

*Ingredients: 2 cups of short grain rice, 2 and 3/4cups water.

1. Measuring rice: 2cups of rice for 4 people.
2. Rinse the rice three times and drain.
3. Measure water: Measure 2 and 3/4cups water and pour it into the rinsed rice.
4. Soak the rice for 20~30 minutes.
5. 1st cooking: Boil the rice and water without the lid on.
6. When the water almost boils over, remove the heat and cover the pot.
7. Wait for 2 minutes while the pot calms down.
8. 2nd cooking: Cover the pot and cook for 10 minutes over very low heat.
9. Resting: Remove the pot from the heat. And, let it rest for ten more minutes.
10. Open the pot, and fluff rice with a rice paddle or fork.

You can watch the video here==>How to Cook Rice without Cooker


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