Pork Bulgogi (Korean Pork BBQ)

pork-bbq-rough.Still001.jpgSpicy and chewy pork Bulgogi(BBQ) cooked with fresh green chilies on a cast iron! So sorry that pork is so tasty when pigs are so smart.

We also call it Pork Jumulleck. “Jumulleock” means mixing something fumblingly. So, you fumblingly mix the sliced pork with Gochujang marinade, and stir fry or grill it. It is very easy!

This time, I’m using pork neck, and my local butcher advised me to slice pork neck a little bit thicker than beef for bulgogi. Pork is tenderer than beef, so you don’t have to slice it too thin.

The recipe is very similar to that of beef bulgogi, but I added some red-pepper paste to the marinade. This red-pepper paste or Gochujang goes really well with pork. If you are a spicy food lover, you can add more Gochujang or red-pepper powder!



Pork neck slice (1 lb/500g), Green chili pepper(1.3oz/ 40g), Onion(5oz/ 150g), Green onion(2.5oz/ 70g)

Gochujang(3T), Soy sauce (2T), Garlic minced(2T), Sugar (2T), Sesame oil (2T), Black pepper powder (1t)


You can watch the video here


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