Korean Salmon-Kimchi Rice Bowl


Korean style Salmon Kimchi bibimbap(rice bowl).
It’s very simple, tasty and healthy that even a kid can make it!

Smoked salmon(1/2 c), sour kimchi(1/2 c), onion(1/4 c), egg(1), cooked rice(1 c), soy sauce(2T), vinegar(1T), sugar(1t), sesame oil(1t)

1. Slice the onion very thin
2. Rinse, squeeze, and slice sour kimchi
3. Slice Smoked salmon
4. Make the sauce: mix the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar
5. Cook the egg “sunny side up”
6. Top the cooked rice with kimchi, salmon, onion. Add the sauce as much as you like, and put the “sunny side” egg on top of the rice.

Tip: You can also add Korean pepper paste, mayo or horseradish sauce as you want!

You can watch the video here=>Salmon Kimchi Bibimbap



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