Korean Potato Salad

potato salad.jpg

What do you do with a bag of potatoes? The potatoes go bad too soon even before you realize. This is the best way to cook a big amount of potatoes and eat for 2~3 days.
This is also my mom’s favorite! It is a very versatile dish! You can eat this as a side dish or you can make sandwiches with this!

This is very similar to American mashed potato, but the difference is that Korean Potato Salad is seasoned with Mayo, and has other vegetables in it. We often add boiled eggs, so it’s also similar to American egg salad.

You can make this as a side dish for meat or fish, or make sandwiches with this.

I usually make quite a big amount of this at once, and refrigerate it to eat for 2 or 3 three days.



Potatoes (1.2 lb/530g), Onion (1.5oz /50g), Carrot (2.5oz/80g), Cucumber (4oz/120g), 2 Large eggs, Mayonnaise (1/2 cup) +Salt

You can watch the video here


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