Korean Egg Rolls



It’s very similar to American omelet, but Korean egg roll has no butter in it, so it’s more healthful for your diet. It also needs some dexterity, but not a big deal! Even if you didn’t make it very well, you can break them and insist “it’s scrambled eggs!”

Korean moms often make this for their kids’ lunchbox, and many Korean men prefer eating this as a side dish for a drink. 

* Ingredients
Large egg 4, carrot (1.5oz/40g), shiitake mushroom (1.5oz/40g), onion (1.5oz/40g), salt 1/4t, vegetable oil(1T)

1. Crack the 4 eggs in a mixing bowl
2. Beat the eggs
3. Add ¼ t salt
4. Slice carrot and chop the slices
5. Add the chopped carrot to the egg mixture
6. Slice onion and chop the slices
7. Add the chopped onion to the egg mixture
8. Slice shiitake mushroom and chop the slices
9. Add the chopped mushroom to the egg mixture
10. Mix them all together
11. Heat the skillet and add 1T of vegetable oil. (Swirl the pan to coat it evenly with oil!)
12. Pour the egg mixture onto the skillet
13. Spread the chopped vegetables evenly on the egg over low heat
14. When the edges are cooked, start rolling the cooked egg mixture with a spatula. (Roll once, and press it a little bit and wait . slowly roll it again, and press and wait. Repeat rolling, pressing and waiting! Almost there! Roll it once more!)
15. Let the egg roll be cooked 2~3 minutes more until the inside is completely cooked.
16. Turn it over and wait 1~2 more minutes
17. Remove heat and transfer the eggroll to the cutting board
18. Let the egg roll cool down before cutting
19. Slice the egg roll as thick as you want
20. Serve!

You can watch the video here


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