Easy Gimbap making ( Kimbap or Korean sushi roll)


Gimbap is good for lunch box or potluck party. The most important ingredient of Gimbap is freshley cooked rice!

Seaweed paper(4), cooked rice(4 bowls from 2 cups rice),
carrot, spinach, imitation crab meat, yellow radish, egg, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt, garlic

1. Spinach: Wash and clean spinach
2. Spinach: Blanch spinach in boiling water
3. Spinach: Drain
4. Spinach: Season spinach with soy sauce(2T)
garlic(1t), sesame oil(1T), sesame(1t)
5. Carrot: Slice carrot with potato peeler
6. Carrot: Stir fry the carrot with salt(1t)
7.Egg: Break 2 eggs and mix them with salt(1t)
8.Egg: Cook the egg mixture on low heat
9.Egg: Cool the egg, and slice it later
10. Rice: Season rice with rice vinegar(2T),
sesame oil(2T), sesame(1T), salt(1t)
11. Spread rice evenly on the seaweed paper
12. Put each ingredient on the rice one by one:
egg, spinach,carrot,crabmeat, yellow radish
13. Roll them together!


You can watch the video here


*How to cook rice wihtout rice cooker=>Korean Rice cooking


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