Budae-Jjigae (Korean Sausage Stew or Johnson Stew)


War time related stew. Good for beginners!

*Budae-Jjigae(Korean Sausage Stew or Johnson Stew)

Ingredients for 4 people:
Spam(1can), sausage(2), baked beans(half cup), onion(half), green onion(1), potato(half~1), kimchi(1cup), chicken broth(1cup), ramen noodle

Sauce: red pepper paste(2T), red pepper powder(1T), soy sauce(국간장 2T), minced garlic( 1T), fish sauce(1T)

1. Slice 1 can of Spam
2. Slice 2 sausages
3. Slice onion(1/2) and green onion(1)
4. Slice potato(1/2~1) as thick as the sliced Spam
5. sauce making: Mix pepper powder, pepper- paste, soy sauce, minced garlic, fish sauce
6. Put all the ingredients into the pot except Ramyeon
:Spam, sausage, onion, potato, kimchi, baked beans, green onion, broth
7. Add 3~4 cups of water
8. Add the sauce (adjust the amount of suace to taste)
9. Cook them for 8~10 minutes
10. Add the ramen noodle(1~2) and cook 3~4 more minutes
11. Add more green onion when ramen becomes translucent, and cook 1more minute(optional)

You can watch the video here

:how to cook rice without cooker


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